More vagina in public
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Posted by NIP fan2 ( on June 01, 2008 at 19:23:43:

You sometimes show girls showing their vaginas (hair doesn't count, lips do), sometimes even open which is great. You show girls in public. However, you rarely, if ever show girls showing their vaginas in public, especially opening them. I know you might point out some such as Melinda D's first series, but most of those aren't public, they are just nude outdoors. There is a big difference.

I like that your site doesn't do hardcore and has no male nudity, but you could stand to make the pictures a little more sexy. Assisted spreads are always nice. Please go for quality, not quantity. One picture of a girl with her legs spread in public is worth a million of them from 100 yards away with her legs crossed and her back turned on a rainy day with a hundred people in the way.

The best sets that live up to this; you should strive to do more like these:

Anna B
1st series pics (annab080-annab087, annab090, annab099, annab100)

Veronika V (gorgeous, knows how to do NIP)
3rd series pics (verov145-verov151, verov313- verov325)

Zuzana D (gorgeous)
1st series pics (zuzad140- zuzad151)

Veronika J
1st series pics (veroj008-veroj012, veroj036-veroj039, veroj079-veroj087, veroj137-veroj144)

Szilvia K
6th series pics (szilk786-szilk802)

Stanislava P
1st series pics (stanp065-stanp070, stanp074)

Petra Q
3rd series pics (petrq617-petrq622, petrq730-petrq744)

5th series pics (nikib449-nikib451, nikib456-nikib458, nikib464-nikib466)

1st series pics (nadik020-nadik025)

Lenka P
13th series pics (lenkp1102, lenkp1104, lenkp1166, lenkp1167, lenkp1168, lenkp1185, lenkp1186)

Katerina A
4th series pics (katea464-katea467)
5th series pics (katea527)
7th series pics (katea671-katea673, katea680-katea684, katea690-katea693, katea717, katea719, katea725-katea730)

Iva L
1st series pics (ivali206-ivali208, ivali270, ivali273, ivali284, ivali289, ivali290)

Eva A
1st series (evava1192-evava1196)

Edita S
2nd series pics (edits518-edits537)

Dagmar G (gorgeous)
2nd series pics (dagmg507, dagmg508, dagmg529, dagmg530, dagmg540-dagmg545)
4th series pics (dagmg780-dagmg784, dagmg810)

Alzbeta S
3rd series pics (alzbs237-alzbs246, alzbs255, alzbs256, alzbs286-alzbs293)
4th series pics (alzbs326-alzbs328)
5th series pics (alzbs419-alzbs423, alzbs428-alzbs435, alzbs450)

Agnes B
1st series pics (agiba279-agiba282)

Lucka K (knows how to do NIP)
1st series pics (luckk928-luckk931, luckk937-luckk939, luckk942-luckk944, luckk977-luckk984)
3rd series pics (luckk1247, luckk1248, luckk1278, luckk1299-luckk1309, luckk1320-luckk1332)
4th series pics (luckk1394, luckk1439, luckk1454)

Marie E (gorgeous)
2nd series pics (marie236, marie266-marie269, marie308, marie309, marie313-marie320)
3rd series pics (marie650-marie652, marie772)
6th series pics (marie1110-marie1131, marie1165-marie1178, marie1182-marie1190, marie1192, marie1193)

1st series pics (zoyab_025, zoyab_026, zoyab_046, zoyab_047, zoyab_049, zoyab_052, zoyab_053, zoyab_054)

Jana E (gorgeous)
3rd series pics (janae536-janae542)

Barbora D
1st series pics and video

Ines S
1st series video

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